Colmore Schools PTA Meeting Minutes
Friday 20th January 2017 18:30

1. Attendance:
Present. Debbie Jones (DJ); Alex Stait (AS); Laura Cox (LC); Kuraisha Sheikh (KS); Steph Fogden (SF); Kirsty Wallace (KS); Deniz Ahmed (DA)
Apologies: Steve Timms (ST)

2. Upcoming events
Fri 3rd Feb 19:30, presentation of £325 of Santa’s Sleigh collection for Colmore Schools at Kings Heath Cricket Club. DJ to confirm who is going to be presented with money. AS, LC, DJ and DA can all attend.
Fri 7th Jul 15:30 – 17:30 Summer Fair. AS to confirm date with Tony Bradshaw. DJ to do begging letters for the raffle. DJ to contact Circus Mash, Park Active, Bouncy Castle to attend Summer Fair. AS and DJ suggested having summer picnic baskets – i.e. summer equivalent of Xmas hampers.
Fri 1st Dec 15:30 – 17:30 Xmas fair.

Fri 8th Dec 18:00 – 20:00 Moseley Round Table Santa’s Sleigh charity collection.

3. Other events suggestions
• Table top sale in Jubilee Court, later in year once weather improves. This will replace the car boot sales.
• Suggestion for a magic show event for the infant school. A family afternoon at Kings Heath Cricket Club – parents to come with children. AS to check room availability at Cricket Club.
• Curry and Quiz night at Cricket Club. AS to check room availability.
• Colmore’s Got Talent. A summer event proposed by AS for staff, parents and children to be involved with. AS to check room availability at Kings Heath cricket club.
• Another junior school disco in the summer. PTA will help organise the Y6 leavers do.

4. Fundraising
Another 2 quotes for the lighting to be arranged by DJ. DJ to email Tracey Lakey to confirm what they want to spend the money on: PA system and lighting or pirate ship surface.
SF suggested there should be a link on the website to indicate to people viewing the website what progress has been made towards fundraising target. At present there is around £9000 in the PTA bank account. Ultimate PTA goal could be to fundraise for multi-surface sports area.
It was discussed that the PTA should be present at all concerts and performances at Colmore Schools to collect donations and raise more money. It was also suggested that the ‘Just Giving’ scheme should be promoted in the newsletter once a month. AS to add a planned fundraisings project section on Facebook page.
ST to confirm the final income from the Xmas fair.
Ruprai Nisa shop on Station Road want to present a cheque for £400 to Colmore Schools on 18th Feb. DJ to confirm with Ruprai what sort of fundraising event we can do on that day. DJ suggested we could take the gazebo and erect it outside Ruprai and do the lollipop game to raise more money.

5. AOB
AS to get LC set up as admin on Facebook page so that she can upload minutes to Facebook.

6. Date of next meeting
Tue 7th Feb 18:30 Jubilee Court

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