Dear Parents/Guardians,

This year Colmore PTA are participating in The Big PTA Raffle Christmas draw. This is a new initiative to help PTAs and friends association raise money through a national raffle that provides great prizes for the lucky winners.

The Big PTA Raffle is part of the PTA’s fundraising effort to purchase Infant Playground Furniture, Bins and New Signs and help fund a Forest School.

Each pupil has been sent home with a raffle ticket book. We kindly ask that you try and sell as many as you can to relatives, neighbours, work colleagues and other willing supporters. If you would like more tickets, they are available at the school offices.

It is important that all sold (and unsold) books are returned. Please enclose appropriate money and stubs in a sealed envelope and post in Junior PTA box by school office or hand into school office, no later than 8/12/2017.

Please return unsold books so we can sell them at the Christmas fair on Friday 8th December 3.30-5.30.

Please write clearly your contact details – name and telephone number etc. on every ticket. They will then be sent to the promoter ready for the draw on 5th January.

Winners will be notified direct, however we will also be sent details and the winning tickets will be published on http://www.ptaraffle.co.uk and in PTA+ magazine.

N.B. Our school will receive 75% of all tickets sold, the rest goes to the charity that has developed the raffle to cover the cost of prizes, administration and licences.

Tickets must not be sold to children under 16 years of age to comply with lottery regulations, for full details please visitwww.ptaraffle.co.uk

Good luck everyone!

Colmore PTA

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