About Us

Colmore PTA is the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of Colmore Infant & Nursery School and Colmore Junior Schools.

We are a registered charity (number 1130623) and members of the National Council of Parent Teacher Associations (NCPTA).

All parents and carers of any child at either school are automatically members of the PTA. The activities of the PTA are coordinated by the committee, which currently consists of:

Deb Jones Chair
Deniz Ahmed Vice Chair
Steve Timms Treasurer
Laura Cox Secretary

Deb, Deniz and Laura were appointed to these positions at the AGM held in September 2016, and, all being well, will stay in these posts until October 2018 – as a charity, no-one can stay in any position for more than two years.

We normally meet every month, dates of meetings are published in the school newsletters, on the notice boards in the playgrounds, by email (if we have your email address) and on our Facebook page. Meetings are very informal and friendly, and we are always keen to see new faces. Our intention is to hold meetings in the evenings. Deb are usually at drop off and pick up around the Junior playground. You can e-mail us on ColmorePTA@gmail.com or leave a Facebook message.

If you can’t make a meeting, but would like to know what’s going on, minutes are normally produced within a week or so, and are available to download here.

If you have any questions about what we do or ideas for how we can raise money, or what we should raise money for, please get in touch with us

Facebook page ‘Colmore PTA’ public

Facebook ‘Colmore PTA Chat Group’ Closed group


Twitter: ‘Colmore PTA’

2 Responses to About Us

  1. Siobhan Jones says:

    I am really impressed by how much you have achieved since October 2010, including the web-site.
    Well done & thank you.

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