Recently Funded Projects

Here are some of the projects / items we have funded for the schools recently.

Year 2 Graduation Party: A fantastic way to send the children up to the Junior School.

Developing Outdoor Areas: This includes a shelter for the Nursery Outdoor Area.  This is a fabulous addition to the nursery outdoor area, allowing the children to use the equipment even in inclement weather!  We have provided funds for outdoor equipment for Reception classes.  We’ve also given funds towards the Year 1 Outdoor Learning Area to transform their outdoor area into a wonderful learning area with a donation of around £2000.  We have also invested in playground equipment for the Key Stage Two playground.

Year 6 Leavers Books: Junior School – each year, we contribute to these books to provide the children with wonderful mementos of their time at Colmore.

Year 2 Inspire Workshop: Infant School, £118

Year 5 Comic Project: Junior School. We have put £400 towards bringing Kevin Sutherland, who is a graphic artist for the Beano, into school for 2 days. He will work with all of year 5 and some of year 6, helping the children to produce a comic containing a strip from every child, a copy of which they will each receive to take home. The purpose of this project is to make links between graphic art and literacy and also to inspire the children.

Salt Spreader & Salt: This is for both schools, to help site manager Simon make the playgrounds safe on icy days and keep ‘indoor playtimes’ to a minimum. £200

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